AND.... my new life begins

AND.... my new life begins

It felt as if I had arrived... Still in the middle of Covid things were not easy, isolation from people still. SA went on the red list.  But we could buy alcohol (not that I could afford it).  Trilby eventually got to me in February he had am awful trip.  He flew to Schiple airport Amsterdam where he was meant to be cleared as per usual after paying the SA State Vet did something wrong on their paper work.  He stayed in the doggy Hotel for 3 nights £450 a night (ouch in Rands). Flew to Heathrow London. Again because of Covid-short, staffed-there were more problems with the paperwork he had to stay again in the doggy hotel for 2 nights £550 a night (again ouch).  I was not allowed to go to the airport to collect him... COVID.... He was delivered on a wet, cold evening.  We were at last united. Not sure who was happier.  My not was with me. 

We moved into our first studio flat in Hampstead Garden Suburb.  It was loverly. Loads of green space.  Everyone loved him what is not to love? He settled in very well travelling on buses and trains quite comfortably he came with me everywhere. Started to get my know my grandchildren such a joy...  

It took a long time for me to find Big Hearts feet.  Even trying to bring a shipment in was trying. Eventually in August 2020 my shipment of mollifrocks, funny bunny pillowcases, love Bunni and the very special #mollifrockiniative art pieces arrived. But Covid was still well entrenched. No network events, no meetings.  I worked with various street artists making some wonderful bespoke pieces.

I March 2022 I was offered a spot in Buck Street market in Camden.  And I started street sewing, tattooing - personalizing people's own bags, jackets anything. I met a wonderful man who had bought a job lot of suits and the trousers had not arrived and was going to dump the jackets.  He supplied me with jacketon that I started tattooing Sassy words. I was called “the swearing, sewing, sewist, sewing sassy words”. I was desperate to get involved with the council to pass my knowledge on. I spent a wonderful summer in Camden. Making great connections and made wonderful friends....Big Heart was gaining traction.....

And then.....

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