How the #mollifrockinitative began ….. it was a dream…

I have spent many years working with fabrics, creatives, makers, designers, trims, threads, sewing machines manufacturing almost everything in my career – and have had the privilege of working with amazing people manufacturing beautiful creations. Over the years I have always found a use for the waste that came off the cutting table that would usually be deemed as not usable. As I embarked on my UK journey (at the beginning of covid). I planned my production of little girls frocks the original Molli Frock made from different prints all of it waste. I also planned to do a range of bespoke pillowcases which rendered waste of an awsum 100% white 200 thread count cotton. While packing up my workshop getting ready for the new people – I came upon a huge amount of the same waste…. Light bulb moment…. How can I use this waste that would be creative and benefit other people as well as assist in establishing my brand Big Heart as well as getting other brands, working together to create awareness through our social platforms, spreading our neworks and sharing our creative spirit, along with “meeting” (covid) fellow creators/makers/designers/artisits and showing support to one another. What a perfect way to generate real, organic followers. So I cut all the waste into Molli frocks ages 2 to 5, joined the shoulders of 2 bodice one being the lining to the bodice and joined the skirt – giving very workable surfaces for the creative to work on.

Then the dream began and grew. What if! I found the perfect charity in the UK that Big Heart could support by taking these works of art (and each and every one is a work of art) The dream is the frocks could travel around to be exhibited money could be made and eventually when the hype has been reached to auction the frock off to raise money for the said charity.

The waste originated in SA the birthplace of #mollifrockinitiative. I have 18 amaizing FRockERS that came on board in 2019. All coming from all over SA and from all different mediums. These creatives out did themselves each frock is a work of art. Besides the end result – friendships were carved, and new networks made. I had left by the time the group really got going and it was such a pleasure to watch them getting to know each other. The frocks were shipped to be in July 2020 with my first shipment.

The story does not end here. I don’t have a charity as yet (been working on it – but it is not easy) I have the finished frocks here ready to role. BUT and a positive but – I have 80more bland canvases I would like to open up to the rest of the world. I have had requests from NY, Australia and obviously many here. So I need a Charity to run with this idea and I know the creatives will follow – would be loverly to perhaps get councils involved maybe do some workshops with the molli frock – it is all endless and very exciting.

The frockers thus far are:

@helonmelonct @modicecreative @threadedendame

@fabricnerd @bedlinendirectsa @fredrichbydinka

@nukreative designs @mignonandersonhattingh @nelllouise_ mendingthreads

@marlene vanjaarsveld art @nooitjie @hopitdesigns

@suwolf @lenstrawart

@colejewellery @kirstcreations

@sharonpotterartist @bennheidi @schneckicreative

I am looking forward to putting the next stage of the #mollifrockinitative in action.