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Love Bunny | Mongolian Fleece

Love Bunny | Mongolian Fleece

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Love Bunny was developed 12 years ago as a tactile baby sleep enhancer. Its body is 40cm and ears 30cm, ears are lined in satin.  This  Love Bunny is made of a tactile, soft Mongolian fleece available in 3 colours.

The idea is to introduce the Love Bunny to the newborn as soon as possible - it is a good idea for mum to keep the Love Bunny in bed to smell like mum before birth to a bit after the birth so it really smells like mum, this makes it easier for baby to bond with the Love Bunny

The Love Bunny is also an ideal gift for the toddler and older being tactile they are a great healer and it is a great friend.

The Love Bunny has also been known to be great for Anxiety for any age.  It has helped a good few humans of all ages during this horrible time of Covid 19.

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